Tent Stay In Wayanad

If you are drown out with busy life of city and if you have the adventurous spirit, tent camping is the best way to retain it . Wayanad’s hilly landscape makes the best place for trekking and camping . A trip to the hidden beauties of camping with friends,families or a special someone can be the most memorable experience for you.

Tent Stay Wayanad

You can find varieties of camp providers along with plenty of outdoor activities. You can chose hill top camping,lake view camping, forest camping ,camping near a stream etc.. Apart from these there are many camp providers conducting tent stays and trekking at private properties which are suitable for families with all the requirements.So , lets pack our backpack for a budget friendly Wayanad trip with a basket full of memories.These are the best campsites in wayanad, Kerala

Tent stay wayanad

Towerhill Tent Camping Wayanad

If you desire to explore the scenic beauty of Wayanad, Towerhill is your best choice. This destination is set on a hill top . Towerhill brings you stunning panoramic views and gorgeous sunset, sunrise and a 360 degree view of Wayanad .Where you can enjoy snow covered Wayanad hills.

tent stay wayanad

Thollayiram kandi Tent stay Camping Wayanad

It is one of the hidden beauties of camping. You can reach the destination only after 3 kms of off-road jeep ride. If you are a green panther it is the best place for wild camping. camp providers offer unique styles of camping like river trekking where you get to invade untouched beauty of Wayanad.

tent camping wayanad

Kurumbalakotta Tent Stay Wayanad

Kurumbalakotta hill is one of the best tourist sports in Wayanad. We can enjoy the beautiful set and sunrise from this hill. It is a new mountain camping in wayanad. People visit the campsite by evening to watch the sunset and get themselves a tent and return after seeing the gorgeous sunrise

Tent stay kurumbalakotta

Lake view camping Wayanad

Say, you are looking for a tent stay near a lake or a stream, it would be perfect spot. This gives you a fascinating view of the lake. It will be a unique experience to cherish a romantic evening at the lakefront. Having a cup of hot tea with snacks, sleeping under twinkling stars

tent stay in wayanad

Vythiri Camping Wayanad

This destination lies at the very heart of the Wayanad district. It is the prime spot for wild camping. The tent stay is arranged at the middle of a tea garden. The camp providers offer you off-road jeep ride, Trekking, Campfire mingling and a set of other activities.

tent stay in wayanad

Forest Stay Wayanad

If you are a avid camper, it is the best place to explore nature. You can enjoy the crystal clear waterfalls, lushy green lands, cool breeze, and pleasing weather. when you are camping in the wild,always make sure you follow all the guidelines given by the camp provider at the campsite

Why people are go for outdoor tent camping ?

People normally choose to stay in resorts or hotels for their vacation. But tent stay gives you a fantastic vacation experience rather than being relaxed inside a resort. All should go for a tent camping at least once in lifetime as leaves you with some memorable past. Tent camping is a best choice for nature enthusiasts

hill top camping
  • Family and Group Trips

    There are many properties in Wayanad which are suitable for familes and bachelors. We can arrange them based on your requirements.

  • School and College Trips

    Attractive and affordable packages are available for trips conducting in colleges and schools to Wayanad.

  • Corporate and Other Events

    We have different campsites for conducting corporate events and meetups in Wayanad and you get a feeling of vacation

900 woods camping
900 woods camping
900 woods camping


1What is the availability of tent camping for families groups and for solo travelers?

There are many selected properties suitable for families bachelors and solo travelers in Wayanad. The facilities based on your preference with affordable prices are available

2 Can you suggest some best hidden destinations and some main spots to explore in Wayanad?

There are many places in wayanad where not much explored by the people. We can help you out at the time of booking based where you want to be explored.

3Is tent safe for everyone?

Absolutely yeas, our tents have proper ventilation, fully secured and completely waterproof. Always remember to put the zip lock when you enter and leave the tent.

4What are the facilities available for the tent camping?

We provide all the basic necessities. The tents are large and comfortable, and also we give bed, bedsheet, blanket and pillows inside the tent for cozy and comfortable stay

5What all things to carry for a tent stay?

You should carry your own toiletries like bath towel, soap, tooth paste and tooth brush etc…