Forest Stay Wayanad

Stay at the best forest tent camping in Wayanad and explore the natural scenic beauty of Wayanad with the affordable price we also provide kerala tour packages.. The journey begins with an exciting Jeep drive to the campsite.You’ll be in the cradle of a holistic experience during your time at forest stay Wayanad, a unique camping in Wayanad. If you are the type who loves adventure forest camping or wants to stay away from the urban humdrum and hate those irritating weekend calls, you are in the right place.You can enjoy a thrilling experience in the budget campsite in Wayanad Forest. Our campsite is 7-km away from anything with an engine and that can honk.Once at tent stay in jungle camp, what you get to discover is yourself.This could be an ideal place for workation, bird watchers, honeymoon couples or those who are looking for the top forestcamping in Wayanad jungle.Sorry, we don’t have shopping malls anywhere around. But what we do have are the best forest camping in Wayanad with loads and loads of pure joy in this uniquely natural environment.

forest stay wayanad
  • Check-in

    Timing :- 03 pm

  • Evening Tea & Snacks

    Timing :- 5 pm to 6 pm

  • Common Campfire

    Timing :- 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

  • Dinner

    One Rice items, chappathi, chicken curry and veg curry
    Timing :- 8.30 pm to 10 pm

  • Breakfast

    Puttu,Kadala curry,Steamed banana,Tea/Coffe Or Puri Bhaji and tea /Coffee.
    Timing :- 8.30 am to 10

  • Check-Out

    Timing :- 12 pm

forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad
forest stay wayanad

Other Camp Details

wayanad forest stay

We Assured

  • wayanad forest stay  Secured
  • bathery forest camping  Caretaker
  • bathery forest camping  Washrooms
  • bathery forest camping  Tent stay
  • bathery forest camping  Bed & Blankets
  • bathery forest camping  Family Friendly
  • bathery forest camping  Parking Facility
  • bathery forest camping  Outdoor Activities
Kurumbalakotta tent stay

Nearby places

  • forest stay wayanad  Kanthanpara Waterfalls
  • forest stay wayanad  Edakkal Caves
  • forest stay wayanad  Chembra Peak
  • forest stay wayanad  Chembra Peak
  • forest stay wayanad  Pookode Lake
  • forest Trekking wayanad  Karapuzha Dam
  • forest stay wayanad  Karlad Lake
  • forest Trekking wayanad  Meenmutty Waterfalls
  • forest Trekking wayanad  Banasura Sagar Dam
forest stay wayanad

Camp Rules

  • forest Trekking bathery  Need a valid ID proof
  • forest stay bathery  Late check-in after 09.00pm is not recommended
  • bathery forest stay  Dont go outside the campsite without the permission of Camp Manager
  • wayanad forest stay  Eco-sensitive zone. No littering
  • wayanad forest stay  Illegal Activities not permitted
  • wayanad forest camping  No smoking inside the tents


1What is the availability of tent camping for families groups and for solo travelers?

There are many selected properties suitable for families bachelors and solo travelers in Wayanad. The facilities based on your preference with affordable prices are available

2 Can you suggest some best hidden destinations and some main spots to explore in Wayanad?

There are many places in wayanad where not much explored by the people. We can help you out at the time of booking based where you want to be explored.

3Is tent safe for everyone?

Absolutely yeas, our tents have proper ventilation, fully secured and completely waterproof. Always remember to put the zip lock when you enter and leave the tent.

4What are the facilities available for the tent camping?

We provide all the basic necessities. The tents are large and comfortable, and also we give bed, bedsheet, blanket and pillows inside the tent for cozy and comfortable stay

5What all things to carry for a tent stay?

You should carry your own toiletries like bath towel, soap, tooth paste and tooth brush etc…